Language Courses

Italian language courses in Gallipoli / Apulia –  by the sea

Lessons are held in groups of 6 to 10 students, from Monday to Friday 09.00 – 12:45.
Following an assessment test on the first day, students are placed in different courses, guaranteeing the homogenity of the groups. All Italian language courses are taught in Italian.

The Italian language courses take place either directly in the conference rooms or in the surrounding gardens of the hotel.

 Italian language courses – 6 Level

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European language levels – Self Assessment Grid

Common European framework of reference for languages
Beginner level
Italian A1
Elementary level
Italian A2
Lower intermediate level
Italian B1
Upper intermediate level
Italian B2
Lower advanced level
Italian C1
Upper advanced level
Italian C2

Beginner (A1) and Elementary (A2) Italian language courses
At the beginner level, students learn the constitutive elements of the Italian language, i.e. grammar and syntax.
This first step into the world of Italian language includes the mastering of everyday situations and the acquisition of basic communicative competence.

Intermediate I (B1) and Intermediate II (B2) Italian language courses
The Italian language courses for intermediate levels focus on communication with native speakers.
A wide variety of verbal exercises will aid you in learning to speak fluent Italian. More advanced and complex syntactic and grammatical constructions are examined and acquired.
Students have the opportunity to learn a diversified and advanced vocabulary, enabling them to understand abstract texts and articles from newspapers and other sources.
Minimal requirements for Intermediate 1 are the mastering of the past tense and simpler tenses;for Intermediate 2 all indicative tenses.

Advanced 1 (C1) – Advanced 2 (C2) Italian language courses
In the advanced Italian language courses, complex, challenging structures of the Italian language are taught.
The participant will reach a sophisticated level of comprehensions and gain the ability to summarize and present texts with complex content.
A near-native pronunciation and the ability to speak fluent Italian are the objectives of the Advanced II courses.
The main emphasis of the theoretical part will be placed on grammar-exercises.

Qualified native Italian speaker as teacher
The language teachers of the Pasolini Language School are qualified native speakers with many years of teaching experience in adult education.


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